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JEAN-PIERRE GIBRAT MATTÉO Third Epoch (T.3), Futuropolis 2015 Original plate n°49. Signed. Acrylic inks and watercolor on paper 40 × 51.7 cm (15.75 × 20.35 in.) No need for text in Gibrat's work: the evocative power of his drawing perfectly renders all that is at stake in this silent plate. The simple succession of images, the composition, the planes, the play with the horizon line, allows to transmit a story, an atmosphere, an emotion like no other. With a consummate art of watercolor, Gibrat lingers with empathy, clarity and intelligence on the details of a chapel surrounded by cypresses, on a sloping path, on the rusticity of a stone wall, the velvetiness of a vest, the white shimmer of a blouse. In a painting, we have only one scene, with its mystery. In this plate, we have six, which tell of a flirtation at the end of the day that ends in a refusal, a disappointment, while the evening, heavy as an eyelid, falls softly on the countryside. Quintessence of the 9th Art. To succeed in a face, you have to apply yourself and hope for a little help from luck. I was happy that she thought of me, especially in the fifth box. Jean-Pierre Gibrat
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