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JEAN-PIERRE GIBRAT The Flight of the Raven (T.2), Dupuis 2005 Original plate n°23. Signed. Acrylic inks and watercolor on paper 32.8 × 43.3 cm (12.91 × 17.05 in.) What a good idea to have brought a "malgré-nous" soldier, that is to say an Alsatian forcibly enlisted in the German army, to meet Jeanne and François in L'Himalaya, René's barge! This gives us a twist at the end of the story that makes the link with the previous diptych Le Sursis. It is in a scene like this one that we realize the genius of Gibrat: it is not necessary to read the text, however tasty, often mocking, to understand the situation. The illustrator first tells the story visually. The composition plays its role, in particular by the implementation of obliques which "settle" in the last two squares, supported by the play of colors, this green-gray which invades the page, only punctuated by the vermilion of Jeanne's headdress and by the white of her blouse. Admire how Gibrat manages the lamp in the middle of the room and the halo of light from the porthole that transits from frame to frame. There is here a sense of light and space that belongs only to the great masters. This takes me back two decades, I remember how difficult it was to treat this kind of scene, the Franco-German agreement was not yet sealed Jean-Pierre Gibrat
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