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GRZEGORZ ROSINSKI The Great Power of the Chninkel, Casterman 1988 Original plate n°122, prepublished in (À Suivre) n°114 of July 1987. India ink, black pencil and screen on paper 36.5 × 51 cm (14.37 × 20.08 in.) The Great Power of the Chninkel comes from Rosinski's desire to draw a great saga in black and white. Since 1978, black and white has been the great business of Casterman, which created the magazine (À Suivre) around Hugo Pratt, where great talents such as Jacques Tardi, Claude Auclair and Dieter Comès have flourished. Van Hamme offers them a fantasy reinterpretation of the New Testament, mixed with some elements of the Old, richer in intrigue. This scene is a demonstration of this. On a parallelepiped straight out of 2001, A Space Odyssey, stuck on a kind of Mount Golgotha, J'On le Chninkel is in the position of a Christ on the cross. An arrow pierces his side like the spear of Longinus did for the Christian god. The only difference with the Passion of Christ: the complaint of J'On is not addressed to God the father, but to the loved one. For Jean Van Hamme, only love is redemptive. This is one of the key scenes in an album that is one of Rosinski's most beautiful creations, whose black and white is reinforced by a skillful play of frames. The difference between Christ and the Chninkel is that the judgment of the latter is pronounced while he is already tied up at the place of his torture. Jean Van Hamme
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