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GRZEGORZ ROSINSKI THORGAL Beyond the Shadows (T.5), Le Lombard 1983 Original plate n°30, prepublished in Le Journal de Tintin n° 368 of September 28, 1982. India ink on paper 36 × 47.1 cm (14.17 × 18.54 in.) The Thorgal series has a special place in the history of Franco-Belgian comics. This Sword and Sorcery story with an existential component is far from the American models like Conan or Elric the Necromancer. With his academic training, free of any comic book or Franco-Belgian influence, Grzegorz Rosinski's background is in historical painting and Hal Foster, the author of Prince Valiant. In Belgium, he was lucky enough to meet a promising scriptwriter, Jean Van Hamme, who found his first great success in Thorgal. Although heir to Greg, Van Hamme is not an old-fashioned scriptwriter. He modernizes dusty universes in the style of Tolkien to make them almost metaphysical fables. And it is particularly the case in this episode where Thorgal has lost his wife Aaricia, who has passed from life to death. But with the help of Shaniah who is in love with him, he goes to the underworld to try to bring his beloved back to life. The journey is obviously full of pitfalls: here we see Shaniah and Thorgal fall into the deadly nets of Gehenna. Rosinski has perfectly understood the path Thorgal and Shaniah take to the unworld, where they end up in the millions of threads representing the lives of the inhabitants of Mitgard, the world of humans. Jean Van Hamme
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