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ALBERTO VARANDA The Living Death, Glénat 2018 Original plate n° 57. Signed. India ink and gouache on paper 29.6 × 42 cm (11.65 × 16.54 in.) Magnificent plate of Varanda which walks the reader in the ether of death. The Living Death is his greatest masterpiece to date, written and story-boarded by Olivier Vatine. His meticulous system of frames is simply amazing, first by the work of lights and shadows, and then by the density of his line which evokes the engravings of Goya as well as those of Gustave Doré or even the illustrators of the Hetzel editions on the work of Jules Verne. Schuiten is not far away. What I like most in my work is to discover and confront myself with new inking techniques. Inking techniques that I want to try to master and make my own. I've always been fascinated by the work of engravers and illustrators working in this vein, Gustave Doré in the first place, but also Bernie Writhson. And I always had the desire and the wish to approach my work from this angle. I had to make progress before tackling it and there had to be a subject that lent itself to it. The Living Death project came at the right time. I had to keep in mind that I was making a comic book and not an illustration book, so reading and understanding had to come first. Before starting the project, I went to see an exhibition of Gustave Doré at the Musée d'Orsay and I discovered the work of Franklin Booth. I decided to adopt Gustave Doré's obscure and Franklin Booth's straight lines. I didn't want rounded or curved lines in my inking, I wanted visible structure. Being a sculptor by training, I approached The Living Death as a sculpture by working on the angles and edges. The stylization seemed obvious to me and the straight lines for the light highlights were all the easier to apply as the straight hatching drew the lights in an obvious way. I liked to create an atmosphere, intimate and dark... which I hope I have transcribed as well as possible. I didn't imagine the amount of work it would take, but I'm glad I was able to complete the project. Alberto Varanda
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