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PHILIPPE DRUILLET LONE SLOANE Delirius (T.3), Dargaud 1973 Original plate n°46 prepublished in Pilote n° 662 of July 13, 1972. The phylacteries are glued on the board. Signed. India ink on paper 75.5 × 95 cm (29.72 × 37.4 in.) Scripted by Jacques Lob, the creator of Transperceneige, the third volume of Delirius introduces us to a casino planet belonging to the imperator Shaan, a society punctuated by bloody show-offs and subject to the laws of greed, cruelty and debauchery. Druillet's graphics broke the codes and boxes of the comic strip in the 1960s. The pages of the co-founder of Métal Hurlant, with their incantatory texts, can be read like ancient frescoes, in all directions, following the shape of the boxes. "Druillet speaks to our time, said of him Jacques Attali, fascinated by the baroque lyricism of his drawing, it is of our cities that he describes the anguish, of our wanderings that he announces the advents. »
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