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PAUL GILLON THE SURVIVOR L'Ultimatum (T.4), Albin Michel 1991 Original plate n° 38, pre-published in L'Écho des Savanes in 1991 The phylacteries are glued on the board. India ink and felt pen on paper 50 × 64.8 cm (19.69 × 25.51 in.) The strength of Paul Gillon, the "French Alex Raymond," lies in his ability to reinvent himself at every moment. As a classic cartoonist, he moves easily from the register of science fiction in Les Naufragés du temps, to the historical narrative in Fils de Chine or L'Ordre de Cicéron, to the soap opera of 13 rue de l'espoir, and on to eroticism, embracing all fashions and eras without a hitch. Created for L'Écho des Savanes in 1985, La Survivante tells the story of a unique young woman who survives a world where an atomic explosion has wiped out all the human beings on the planet, leaving only cyborgs on the ground. Aude Albrespy is this sole survivor, satisfying her sexual needs with her mechanical butler. In this page, we enter with much naturalness in the intimacy of a heroine in full spleen. It is both beautiful and moving.
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