ALEX ALICE THE CASTLE OF STARS, Rue de Sèvres... - Lot 105 - Daniel Maghen Enchères et Expertises

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ALEX ALICE THE CASTLE OF STARS, Rue de Sèvres... - Lot 105 - Daniel Maghen Enchères et Expertises
ALEX ALICE THE CASTLE OF STARS, Rue de Sèvres 2021 The Model, original illustration for the poster of the Utopiales in 2020, published in the gazette of the Castle of the Stars n° 19 to be published. Signed. Watercolour on paper 61.5 × 76.3 cm (24.21 × 30.04 in.) Each year, the organization of Utopiales, one of the most important festivals in Europe dedicated to science fiction, anticipation, and fantasy, commissions a poster from a major artist. The subjects imposed were the city of Nantes, which hosts the festival, and the theme of the year, in this case 2020, was "traces. "In this sublime composition, in which delicate complementary colors interact, the "prince of steampunk" imagines that the city where Jules Verne was born would dedicate a monument to the celestial star. The call to travel is twofold, with this seaport and its boats heading towards the horizon, and this hollow sphere under construction towards which all the obliques converge, a veritable ode to nebulae, an allusion to the masterpiece by the Nantes writer From the Earth to the Moon and the trace left by an American astronaut on 21 July 1969. A trace on the star, but also in our memories. How could we resist the call of the Utopiales de Nantes for the 20th anniversary of this excellent science fiction festival? The birthplace of Jules Verne is naturally linked to the imagination of the Castle of the Stars. It is one of the places where I came to seek inspiration, and I wanted to make the city exist in this universe. In this nocturnal panorama, a gigantic model of the Moon is under construction: the Paris Interplanetary Exhibition, which is the subject of Volume VI, is being prepared. Seraphin and Sophie witness the construction site beyond the transporter bridge. In a fitting twist, their ship takes its name from Jules Verne's ship, the Saint-Michel. In terms of watercolour, the technique is the same as that used in Le Château des étoiles. But unlike the albums where the original is reduced in size, I knew that this image would be considerably enlarged for its use in different formats. I wanted it to be full of details that would support the large-scale reproduction, hence the unusual size. I knew that this image would require time. What I didn't know then was that the year 2020 was going to offer me just as much! The illustration will be published in the gazette n°19 in 2021 and in an album from 2022. Alex Alice
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