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PHILIPPE GAUCKLER KEBEK Adamante (T.2), Daniel Maghen 2021 Original cover. Signed. Coloured inks on paper 32.3 × 49.8 cm (12.72 × 19.61 in.) Philippe Gauckler's magnificent cover for the second volume of his science-fiction series Kebek: the composition and the mysterious, almost mystical atmosphere are reminiscent of the works of the Pre-Raphaelite Dante Gabriel Rossetti or the symbolists Fernand Khnopff and Alfons Mucha. But the blue sphere, which appears behind Adamante coming back to life after a hibernation of some 400,000 years, is indeed the diamond vessel that has brought him through time. How do you capture a look that conveys the interiority of an imaginary character? I have made other portraits of my "sleeping beauty", with the same objective of piercing the mystery of her personality in a single glance, but none of them manages like this one, to transmit this mixture of sadness, serenity, solidity and uncertainty. The paradox is to show a face that never appears in the reality of Kebek's story. It is the woman with a thousand faces, the one that everyone imagines and that I will nevertheless show in a single portrait. The person who acquires this portrait will thus have before his eyes a mystery, the key to an unknown world concentrated in this enigmatic look. Philippe Gauckler
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