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MARCEL GOTLIB RHÂ-GNAGNA (T.2), Audie 1980 Original plate n° 5 of the story Kung Fu Glacial, prepublished in Fluide Glacial n° 2, August 1975 India ink on paper 28 × 36 cm (11.02 × 14.67 in.) Three years after creating L'Écho des Savanes with Bretécher and Mandryka and introduced adult comics the French-speaking world, Gotlib launched, with Alexis the quarterly and then the monthly Fluide Glacial in 1975. He perpetuated the exacerbated slapstick humour he had imported, with La Rubrique-à-brac, in René Goscinny's Pilote. René Goscinny's Pilote. We discovered there a nervous and hectic graphics in the tradition of Harvey Kurtzman's Mad Magazine, graphically Kurtzman's Mad Magazine, graphically under the influence of Jack Davis and Don Martin. Here, in Fluide, he is alone at the controls. In the midst of psychoanalysis, his Rhâ- Gnagna served as an outlet. He dared to make transgressions that which still surprise us today. Like in this page, where Superman is confronted with the legend of Kung Fu, Bruce Lee. His family jewels pay the price
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