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MARCEL GOTLIB TRUCS-EN-VRAC (T.1), Dargaud 1977 Complete story in 6 original plates entitled Le Monde secret de l'élève Chaprot, prepublished in Pilote n°415 of October 5, 1967. India ink on paper 39.7 × 52.5 cm (15.63 × 20.67 in.) for each of the six plates This series of six plates, featuring the student Chaprot, the recurring hero of Les Dingodossiers, is an exceptional set. It was at the time when Pilote was aimed at high school students. Between the highly educational Pilotorama and the adventures of the Grand Duduche, the "Asterix and Obelix newspaper" began a process of deconstruction that was to profoundly change French society: deconstruction of the educational institution first of all, with the Dingodossiers and its Ex Cathedra lessons, but also with the particular history lesson that was Asterix. The great myths of popular culture are deconstructed in Chaprot's plates: Robin Hood, Redbeard, Blueberry, Superman, Zorro, Tarzan, James Bond, all drawn with an incredible ability to represent all genres of adventure. A virtuoso exercise in style that Raymond Queneau would not have disowned.
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