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MAURICE TILLIEUX GIL JOURDAN The Chinese on two wheels (T.10), Dupuis 1967 Original plate n° 40, prepublished in Le Journal de Spirou n° 1484 of September 22, 1966. India ink on paper 31 × 42 cm (12.2 × 16.54 in.) Maurice Tillieux has his fans, and understandably so: he is probably the most successful synthesis of the Belgian schools of Brussels and Marcinelle. Between documentary precision and fantasy, Tillieux develops a world of detective stories, sometimes a little fantastic, populated by small-time crooks and happy fools. But he is above all a master of atmosphere, so much so that when it is necessary to draw, as here, a slightly sticky rainy landscape, professional scriptwriters, when explaining it to their draftsman, often evoke an atmosphere "à la Tillieux".
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