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JEAN-LOUIS MOURIER TROLLS OF TROY Histoires Trolles (T.1), Soleil 1997 Original plate n° 2. Signed. India ink on paper 38 × 53 cm (14.96 × 20.87 in.) Heir to Uderzo, Franquin and Loisel, Jean-Louis Mourier has the same virtuosity in sketching the characters in a few strokes, the impeccable execution of the inking and the pleasure of drawing a detail that is barely perceptible to the reader. Christophe Arleston also has fun with the script, mixing references to Goscinny and Uderzo's Gauls with the codes of Heroïc Fantasy. The pleasure is palpable in this scene where the troll Teträm appears for the first time. A series that is one of the major comics of the 1990s. The first appearance of the troll Teträm, volume 1, plate 2. A little more than twenty-five years ago now, I had made no more than four or five sketches to define him. The description was simple: a pile of muscles covered with hair with a jaw like a head. A troll is above all teeth. I wanted to use my own definition, without referring to Didier Tarquin's Hebus troll. That gave me this funny Bigfoot with a carnivorous rack. Of course, he changed a lot during the following albums with the evolution of the graphics and the humorous tone of the series, his morphology adapted to his character. Even his club has changed, it was pretty cool, that one, with hindsight. In this panel, there's also the first appearance of a smurf, at the bottom left, the trolls' favourite blue treat. Jean-Louis Mourier
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