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JORDI LAFEBRE THE BEAUTIFUL SUMMERS Heading South ! (T.1), Dargaud 2015 Original cover with its first step in Indian ink. Signed. Acrylic and India ink on paper 45 × 32 cm (17.72 × 12.6 in.) In 2015, we launched a new series Les Beaux Étés. It was to be a feel good family series, a sweet summer-scented road movie comedy set in the 1970s. I wanted to show all this in one image: I imagined it to be light, transparent, in which you can breathe inside. When the family lined up like the Beatles on a white background came to mind, I knew I had a good idea, but something was missing. Then I had the idea to add the shadows of leaves on their bodies, the pleasant feeling of walking under the trees when the summer heat is strong under the sun. I used only one color a violet blue for the shadows, one light bath that gave all the depth to the image; all the light of summer. The cover was a success and the series has more and more volumes. This is still one of my favorite images. A good idea, very elaborate in concept but spontaneous in execution. I know that this image will be with me forever. Jordi Lafebre
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