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ALBERT UDERZO ASTERIX Asterix and Obelix's Birthday, The Golden Book (T.34), Albert René 2009 Original pencil sketch of the plate n°49. Signed. Graphite on paper 43.9 × 59 cm (17.28 × 23.23 in.) This is the penultimate plate drawn by Uderzo before his final retirement, when, as had been the case for several years, he no longer inked the Asterix plates. It's not widely known, but Uderzo was born with six fingers on each hand, a defect that was corrected at birth. But over time, this overworked hand began to cause pain that no longer allowed for the skillful and very precise inking with a brush that was the cartoonist's trademark. This is why this short story, produced for the fiftieth anniversary of the creation of Asterix, The Golden Book, sees all the characters from the saga converge towards the end of the episode. It was drawn in pencil, the board being completed by his assistants. It shows Caesar trying to spoil the party by offering the Gauls a drink developed by the infamous Choleramorbus, which turned out to be a powerful laxative. But Getafix turns the trap against the invaders, hence the grotesque finale, which still sees the couple Caesar and Cleopatra heading for the Gaulish village. It should be noted that Uderzo, born in France to a family of immigrants who had fled Mussolini's Italy, remembered the Fascist period experienced by his country to construct his story. his story. This proves that not only the drawing, but also the script is by the hand of the master.
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