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ANA MIRALLÈS DJINN Africa (T.5), Dargaud 2021 Original illustration published in the of the new edition of the album of the forthcoming album Signed. India ink and watercolour on paper 47.2 × 40.2 cm (18.58 × 15.83 in.) Jade is the goddess Anaktu. Every mythology needs its own place to settle, a high dimension from which the gods can observe human passions: pleasure, pain, loss, time, and death. Sometimes they get involved in their affairs, other times they hide behind their inextricable nature. Jade finds her Olympus in the impenetrable jungle of Orushi. Her nectar is blood, her favorite passion, revenge. She suffers from a diabolical metamorphosis. It seems that she is inhabited by one of the many forms of the primitive White Goddess. Her beauty and arrogance as well as her indifference to human passions make her more inaccessible, mysterious, desirable. Her pedestal grows and the impenetrable mystery of her nature melts into a destructive eroticism of pleasure and death. Her body spreads in the river and bathes everything, no one escapes her influence. The madness that dominates her is a mission that nothing can stop. These are the premises that feed my creativity. I try to be frank and delicate with shapes and colors. I try to make the character stand out powerfully from a nebulous background, like the spirit of those who suffer from its influence. The tattoo is ceremonial, designed to embellish his body. His attitude, severe, without an ounce of mercy. Her posture majestic, defiant, arrogant. Jade is a terrible goddess. Ana Mirallès
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