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BENJAMIN FLAO KILILANA SONG Second Part (T.2), Futuropolis 2013 Original plate n° 94. Signed. Watercolour and India ink on paper 29.5 × 41.8 cm (11.61 × 16.46 in.) Inspired by a boat trip experienced by the author in the ports of East Africa, Kililana Song's story tells the initiatory journey of a child, Naïm, orphaned of father and mother, who lives in the Lamu archipelago, on the borders of Kenya. We find him in a boat in distress, not knowing what to do while the adult facing him scoops up the sea. Flao's loose and expressive drawing seems to be taken on the spot, fast and accurate, in the great tradition of the travelling painters. In this book, the fury of the elements is always the expression of the spirit of the giant Liongo, but it is the draftsman who is in charge of applying the sentence. A demiurgic exercise that consists in pushing the characters to their limits. Here I summon up experiences of rainy navigation, when the water in the sky meets the water in the sea, and you end up giving up the idea of being dry. You have to imagine that the notion of safety doesn't exist on this kind of boat, if it capsizes, it doesn't right itself. Naïm knows this and makes the wise decision to get rid of the sacred cargo, triggering another anger, that of the old man. The tension rises a notch. I wrote this board very quickly, a bit underwater. A lot of water in the brush and nervous gestures to be as close as possible to what's happening. If I forgot the music I was listening to, I remember quite well the moment of the realization of this board, made, like many others, in the emergency. Benjamin Flao
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