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PIERRE JOUBERT Tir au canon, original illustration published in the album Histoire des voiliers by Ouest-France in 1978 Gouache on paper 34.7 x 46.1 cm (13.66 x 18.15 in.) When Pierre Joubert produced this Histoire des voiliers, he was nearly 70 years old and had a long and prolific career behind him. He was in full possession of his abilities. The sea and its men is one of his favourite subjects. He was even approached to receive the prestigious title of "painter of the navy", but he refused it. He felt that the title, as prestigious as it was, would take away his freedom to flit from one theme to another as he had been doing for 50 years. With this illustration, he takes us realistically into the daily life of an 18th century warship. Everything is there, powder, blood, smoke, destruction and even death! Jean-François Vivier
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