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PATRICE PELLERIN L'ÉPERVIER Sink the Medusa! (T.9), Quadrants 2015 Original cover. Signed. India ink and acrylic inks on paper 34.4 × 44.3 cm (13.5 × 17.44 in.) The knight Yann de Kermeur, alias L'Épervier, is sent by Louis XV on a secret mission to Canada. This cover perfectly conveys the anguished situation of the hero, whose frigate is being pursued by two and soon three English ships. The Breton captain is on deck ready to fight, despite the intrigues that, like the pulleys and ropes at his feet, form an inextricable knot. A remarkable and great classic that was the subject of a six-part TV series in 2011. The first sketches for this cover were made on the train, in one of those little notebooks that never leave my desk. My covers are always very simple, for reasons of efficiency and readability, but this time I wanted something other than a big sky. The flag was quickly chosen for the background. And rather than the French flag, which is entirely white, the English flag with its flamboyant red seemed more appropriate. Then, a few pulleys, ropes, a bit of smoke, a character in arms, and we are in the middle of a fight. Patrice Pellerin
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