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RIFF REB'S The Boarding of the Inevitable, original illustration made in 2020 Signed. India ink, grease pencil, pastel highlights and white gouache on paper 65 x 50 cm (25.59 x 19.69 in.) A vigorous draftsman, Riff Reb's is undoubtedly one of the best pirate storytellers of his generation. This large-scale boarding scene is simply sumptuous. Each of the protagonists is tense towards their goal, right down to the bow. Determination is on every face and the action is captured in the moment, almost in suspension. This is an opportunity to appreciate the accuracy of the attitudes, the looks and the movements captured by an eminently stylish line. I have illustrated a fairly large catalogue of maritime situations over the past fifteen years in the noir genre, but I had never really confronted a boarding scene outside of a few dedications. It must be said that in À Bord de l'Étoile Matutine, which I had the pleasure of adapting, Pierre Mac Orlan found little interest in pure scenes of violence where psychology reaches zero but distilled a high quality tender and bitter liquor on the state of humanity before or after this kind of act. Now, when you're a cartoonist, how can you resist such a graphic challenge. The subject was inevitable! You have here the result of one of my fights between my pencils and my paper. This illustration should also be seen as a tribute to the art of Pierre Joubert, from whom I always have lessons to take. Riff Reb's
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