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RALPH MEYER UNDERTAKER, Dargaud Tribute to Blueberry and Jerry Spring, original illustration made in 2021 for a digigraphy to be published by Dargaud. Signed. India ink on paper 49.6 × 61.7 cm (19.61 × 24.29 in.) In the 1980s, Jean Giraud made a beautiful tribute to his mentor, Joseph Gillain, alias Jijé, in which Blueberry came to collect himself in the middle of the desert in front of a representation of Jerry Spring and his sidekick Pancho. It's an image that marked me for its value of passing the baton between two generations of Western heroes, but also because it spoke of respect and gratitude towards a master who was decisive in Giraud's career. If Jonas Crow, our Undertaker, is a rather special character in the Western universe, he is nevertheless indebted in many ways to his predecessors. So it seemed natural to me that he should come and pay his respects to his forebears. For a long time, I had been looking for an angle to create an illustration that would match my immense admiration for these giants, Jean Giraud and Jijé, not to mention Jean-Michel Charlier, the flamboyant scriptwriter of Blueberry. They were major and determining references in my artistic development. It was well worth a tribute in XXL format. Ralph Meyer
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