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ROGER JAZZ MAYNARD Complete Black Quartet (T.2), Dargaud 2021 Original cover. Signed. India ink, black watercolour and white gouache on paper 42.8 × 56.9 cm (16.85 × 22.40 in.) Contemplating the cityscape A beautiful cover illustration set on a terrace in Barcelona's El Raval district, with Jazz and Lucia as a pair of lovers who, at night, confirm their feelings by observing the city's luminous horizon. The threatening sky does not seem to worry them, but adds a spectacular tone to the drawing. To make Lucia's face more visible, Roger leaves a few white sheets near it. In fact, there is hardly any space without drawings, so they are important because the silhouettes of the characters stand out. Roger uses black watercolour densely in the clouds and part of the building, and much more subtly on the faces of the characters. At the bottom left, the streets seem to be sleeping. "I am in love with this illustration. I think that's its power and that's what my partner Roger drew it for: to make you fall in love. Jazz and Lucia's tender and adorable posture, the partial view of a romantic Barcelona and the brushstrokes of the night mesmerize you with no escape. You can't look away from this marvel. " Raule
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