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ROGER JAZZ MAYNARD Live in Barcelona (T.7), Dargaud 2019 Original plate n°29. Signed. India ink and white gouache on paper 43 × 57 cm (16.93 × 22.44 in.) Mauvais souvenirs Roger draws an excellent structured page to relate a painful moment in Jazz Maynard's life. He tells of the moment when, after the death of his parents, Jazz and his sister Laura go to live with their grandparents, and he sells all his vinyl records for a pittance, and even his first trumpet. A difficult stage, in which Teo and Judas become his only family and the street his home. The top four panels are set in the present, while the other four illustrate these moments in the past. Jazz's facial expression and physical demeanour highlight his bitter feelings. The shadows in the last two panels envelop the protagonist's grief. "Jazz Maynard had always put himself in difficult situations, but the worst was yet to come. The tragic death of his parents caused a drastic and brutal change in young Maynard. He put off his passion for music and devoted himself to breaking the law again and again, without a care in the world for his future. " Raule
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