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ROGER JAZZ MAYNARD Dargaud La Musique et son public, original illustration made in 2020. Signed. India ink, black watercolour and white gouache on paper 50 × 68 cm (19.69 × 26.77 in.) The gaze goes to the whites. Everything is meticulously thought out by Roger, down to the last millimetre. The focus of light that starts from above, but whose beam fades before reaching its target. The character of Jazz in the middle of a concert. A piece of the curtains. And the stage. It's as if the basic elements of this illustration are there. But Roger likes the details. The dark shades of grey produced by the black watercolour do not hide anything. The meticulous description of the interior of the theatre, the faces of the people in the audience A part of the curtain. And Lucia, who, leaning in, forms very special folds in the curtains. It's almost as if Jazz is alone. In fact, in his soul, when he plays his trumpet, he is. "This illustration is a tour de force in every sense of the word. Roger's virtuosity in composition, drawing and inking proves to us that his art has not yet reached its peak. His taste for detail and texture clearly indicates that he takes pleasure in drawing, an amusement within the reach of very few artists. " Raule
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