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JEAN-PIERRE GIBRAT MATTÉO, Futuropolis L'Arme au pied, original illustration made in 2021. Signed. Acrylic inks and watercolour on paper 38.5 × 57 cm (15.16 × 22.44 in.) Another beautiful full-length portrait of Amélie taken in the early morning hours. The slight backlighting lends a velvety quality to the foreground. This "backlighting" is typical of Hitchcock's English period, which would become his trademark in terms of photography. Gibrat applies it here. Most of the characters Gibrat draws are people who really exist. "I don't try to draw the person exactly as they are, but I try to make them into a cartoon character, to find codes in their morphology or in their face that allow me to draw them from all angles without needing the photo. Otherwise, it's like drawing from a photo, and that's rarely successful. » "Still the influence of Alphonse de Neuville, I love these forge lights at the end of the day. Alphonse was not above it, and he was right. I just changed the manly moustachioed men of the 1870 war for Amélie's decided and graceful figure. Who would complain? "J-P G.
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