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JEAN-PIERRE GIBRAT MATTÉO, Futuropolis La pause, original illustration made in 2021. Signed. Acrylic inks and watercolour on paper 39.5 × 52 cm (15.55 × 20.47 in.) Again Amélie, on the staff's premises. Which illustrators and painters influenced Gibrat? He says so himself, in order: the Swede Carl Larsson, that goldsmith of clarity; the Franco-British Edmond Dulac; the Englishman Arthur Rackham; the Czech Alfons Mucha and then Moebius/Jean Giraud, whom he discovered in Métal Hurlant with Arzach. "When I started by copying Mulatier, it was sub-Mulatier and had no interest. And when I started doing direct color comics, the influences were diverse. "In Larsson, Dulac and Rackham, he spotted the colours and coloured atmospheres; in Mucha, he appreciated the primacy of the drawing over the colour: "He mixed the line with a coloured atmosphere that was not flat. The colors had volume! "Moebius, I looked at him very, very closely. "The list grows longer as the conversation goes on: Cecil Aldin, Harry Eliot, but he quickly detaches himself from them. "There's a phrase that says when you're influenced by one person, it's plagiarism, but by many, it's a style! » "One woman can hide another, and behind Amélie, there is the inspiration of Mika Etchebéhère, a POUM activist. In all the photos, she has the colt on her belt, the leather jacket well strapped and the rather decided eye Amélie has kept the essential, with a small dose of irresistible femininity added. "J-P G.
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