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15000 - 18000 EUR
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Result : 22 100EUR
JEAN-PIERRE GIBRAT MATTÉO, Futuropolis Alcetria, original illustration made in 2021. Signed. Acrylic inks and watercolour on paper 56.5 × 38 cm (22.24 × 14.96 in.) This time Gibrat shows Amélie in profile, taking her turn on guard at daybreak. This variant of the cover is particularly remarkable because it pushes the focus to the village nestled in the valley. The sun and its trickle of light have only just risen above the surrounding mountains and gradually illuminate the landscape. In so doing, Gibrat introduces time into this scene, which freezes a privileged moment of the day. Note the recurrent use of the colour red by the artist, which gives meaning to the reading of the image: Amélie's scarf, the star in her headdress, the rubescence of her lips, the tiles of the village roofs, and finally, more diffusely, the mountain in the distance, which comes back as a chromatic echo to melt into the mauve and the blue. What mastery! "I was thinking to myself, it's funny that Gibrat almost never draws profiles (I like it when I talk about myself in the third person). So I said to myself, while his back is turned, I'm going to do one, in a beautiful setting. "J-P G.
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