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JEAN-PIERRE GIBRAT MATTÉO Cinquième époque (T.5), Futuropolis 2019 Original plate n° 42. Signed. Acrylic inks and watercolour on paper 38.1 × 51.2 cm (15 × 20.16 in.) Another scene of intimacy, this time inside the cab of a truck, enveloped by the icy color of night. The formats have changed several times in Gibrat's work. Le Sursis, for example, was done in a smaller format than this one. "It is necessary to be precise and to know how to let go of the skin tones, for example, without it being too scholastic," says the artist who decided to move to a larger format. Here, we are on Arche paper, a paper that takes color very well. "It's ink almost everywhere, but ink used with the watercolour technique, with progressive superimpositions of colours. "The atmosphere invites confidence. Drenched in blue, it is one of the strong scenes of the album. "If you choose the moment when the snow is falling in large flakes, then for me, it's the best of all cozy sensations if the drawing is just about right, you can even hear the sound of the snow that it doesn't make when it's falling (for the initiated who know how to listen with their eyes). "J-P G.
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