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JEAN-PIERRE GIBRAT LE SURSIS Volume 2, Dupuis 1999 Original plate n° 39. Signed. Acrylic inks and watercolour on paper 30.3 × 39.7 cm (11.93 × 15.63 in.) A magnificent plate where Gibrat manages to give this open-air scene a feeling of intimacy. He achieves this through a glaze of blues sculpted by the light of the moon and an alternating montage of close-ups and wide shots. Comics are a mode of expression where you have to go for economy," says Gibrat. Fifty pages multiplied by seven or eight vignettes, that's relatively few drawings. It's quite limited. The text is the same, you have to be economical. It's difficult. Under a cloudless sky, the two lovers exchange light-hearted remarks punctuated by jokes, while in the darkness the story moves forward, relentlessly. "In the night, freedom listens to us... "murmurs Le Chant des partisans. "Once we've talked about the soft charm of the snow, we can tackle the equally powerful charm of the night. Night scenes are easier to fit in than snow scenes, the opportunity presents itself more easily, and I'm not referring to the very dark night that was the occupation, but to the night walks that we didn't go without in 1943 and without ration coupons. In this page, I enjoyed drawing Cécile under the stars, because the weather was beautiful. "J-P G.
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