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JEAN-PIERRE GIBRAT MATTÉO Cinquième époque (T.5), Futuropolis 2019 Original cover. Signed. Acrylic inks and watercolour on paper 63.7 × 55.5 cm (25.08 × 21.85 in.) This portrait of Amélie, Jean-Pierre Gibrat wanted it on his cover. With a rifle. On the documentation, it was a guy," he says. But I had the light and I had the attitude. I feminized it to give it the features of Amélie. "For the occasion, the subject was cropped and part of the drawing disappeared during printing. It is restored here. So why did you make it bigger? To keep a certain spontaneity of gesture, to play with the precision of the face with its fine complexion, the uniform and the assault rifle which crosses the page with its large diagonal and which dialogues with the tree branches in the background in a setting left in the state of a sketch: "I love this type of drawing with unfinished parts," says Gibrat. I love this kind of drawing with unfinished parts," says Gibrat. "It doesn't lock the imagination of the person who is going to look at it. That's why it's always charming. I've always preferred painters' sketches to their paintings. » "Here's a drawing that can boast of having worried me to no end, the face especially, and in the end, I think it might be my best illustration of 2019... yet I almost gave up on it a few times, it's hard to trust yourself. An illustrator friend comes by to see me: ... "wow, the facial expression, it's crazy" It's in the suspension points that I found confidence again " J-P G.
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