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JEAN-PIERRE GIBRAT LE SURSIS Volume 1, Dupuis 1997 Original cover. Signed. Acrylic inks and watercolour on paper 22.9 × 30 cm (9.02 × 11.81 in.) Le Sursis is the story of a character who is, in a way, the voyeur of his own life, since, from the top of a pigeonhole, this young man who is trying to escape the Obligatory Labour Service imposed by Vichy on the orders of the occupier, witnesses his own funeral. "It was in the specifications for this cover: I had to draw him behind these shutters," says Jean-Pierre Gibrat. So, logically, the room is barred by the shadow of these louvers, creating an interesting and graphic aesthetic effect. "As a result, the coloring is a work of light, in tone on tone. When my drawing is 70% done, there are only browns, no other colours or effects other than those of the light. Afterwards, I bring the colours up, but as late as possible, because the anecdotal side of the colours must not take precedence over the light! "The result is magnificent. "Ah the rays of light projected on Julien! I liked this little effect that increased the prison aspect of his situation, a light suit but for a convict" J-P G.
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