MULATIER JEAN MULATIER Portrait of Bourvil,... - Lot 99 - Daniel Maghen Enchères et Expertises

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MULATIER JEAN MULATIER Portrait of Bourvil,... - Lot 99 - Daniel Maghen Enchères et Expertises
MULATIER JEAN MULATIER Portrait of Bourvil, original illustration published in Télé 7 jours in July 1970 and Paris Match in May 1971 Signed. Fine brush wash and white gouache highlights on bristol paper 13.7 × 20.5 cm (5.39 × 8.07 in.) It was half a century ago, against the grain of the caricatures of the time, simplified into a few lines. It was one of my very first professional drawings, at the end of my studies at the Arts Déco, even before Les Grandes Gueules de Pilote. Done, as always, in the anxiety of the sleepless night that preceded the rendering, I could only see the flaws, hence the millions of perfectionist strokes to feverishly try to tame the sacrosanct resemblance, to within a hair's breadth (of the brush), in this not really orthodox style and technique, criss-crossed to the point of hyperrealism and which has made many children since. Jean Mulatier Jean Mulatier has a way of rendering the most spectacular resemblance while preserving an implacable geometry in the faces, which has always fascinated me. For me, he is the only one to do this with such acuity. This Bourvil is masterful! Daniel Goossens I went through the "fascination" stage for Mulatier, who is a genius. At first, I thought I liked Mulatier because I've loved caricature since I was twelve years old. In the same register, I have a taste for imitators and imitations. It's about forcing a character trait in both cases. But later on, I understood that Mulatier had an absolute grace, an elegance that went far beyond the genre. What touched me was that he placed it on a graphic level and with an incredible pictorial quality. Jean-Pierre Gibrat
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